Key Information

Borrowing amount Upon meeting our lending criteria we may be able to lend you up to 80% of the registered valuation of the property. The amount you can borrow depends on the repayments you are able to afford.
Term You can choose the term that suits you, up to 30 years.
Repayment frequency You can choose to make repayments on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis, allowing you to align repayments with your income.
Interest rates Heartland offers only a variable (or floating) rate. The interest rate will change if our variable rate changes. Our interest rates are set according to general market conditions. We aim to keep our interest rates competitive.
Legal fees You will need to cover the costs of your lawyer, who we will ask to explain the documents to you and arrange to have them signed by you.
Security First ranking registered mortgage in all cases.
Insurance You will need to arrange insurance cover over your property, and provide confirmation of that insurance to us. Our interest as mortgagee will also need to be noted on the insurance policy.
Property We will need to confirm that your property meets our requirements and this includes receiving a satisfactory property valuation.
Who can apply? You don’t have to be an existing Heartland customer to apply for a Heartland Digital Home Loan.

You can view Heartland Bank's latest Disclosure Statement here.

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